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Willy Naessens Group recognizes the importance of social sustainability. We want to improve our relationships with people, communities and society.


Willy Naessens loves you

In the first place we want to preserve a positive and healthy workplace with satisfied employees. We can only achieve our ambitious targets with the skill, experience, and commitment of our workforce. We have already achieved much together, and we want to do even more and keep improving.

Sustainability is a way of life that we have to get used to. Every employee of the Willy Naessens Group naturally spends a significant percentage of their time on our shop floor. If we also want to take the impact of the small things of sustainability and really make a difference, it is essential to support our employees in order to pass on the way of thinking and living. After all, if it becomes a habit for them, this will be passed on to the next generations and we will make a real difference as a family business that looks across generations.  


Willy Naessens Academy

The Willy Naessens Academy offers a wide range of training courses to promote the growth of both individual employees and the company. 

Our safety day aims to raise awareness about safety protocols and measures that need to be undertaken seriously to avoid any type of accidents or mishappenings. We strongly believe that prevention is always better than the cure.

In addition, employees are given the opportunity to participate in "everybody learns." These trainings are very diverse and go beyond professional skills.

"Your people are your company's most important capital'. A quote that adorns a life-size black-and-white photograph of Willy Naessens at the entrance to his own company building. At Willy Naessens Group, the social aspect is sacred and Kris Vanrenterghem confirms this wholeheartedly. As chief sustainability officer, he manages a sustainability team for the entire group. A hefty job for an industrial giant that has since grown into a company with some 2,500 employees and a turnover in excess of a billion. "In the last four years, the sustainable story really took shape," Kris said. "I was already working with my own study and consulting firm in alternative energy technologies and sources on behalf of Willy Naessens. In 2020, the agency was integrated into the group. From then on, big steps were taken."